Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting

Alpenröst Simple Diagnostic from Swissmar

  1. Unplug the machine for 10 seconds and re-plug with a clean swift motion. There should be a "1" on the digital display for 1/2 second before the #08 default setting appears. This is a delay that allows the units electronics to "ramp up" evenly for accurate use. If for some reason the current is interrupted it may cause a temporary glitch in the circuit. This is easily corrected by following the procedure above.
  2. After test #1 without beans or drum (with lid open) Press arrow buttons up and down to setting "15" and "01" if full range is available. Proceed.
  3. Press "START".
  4. Confirm the following:
    1. Fan is on by feeling exhaust from vent.
    2. Doors are closed
    3. Drive wheel is turning
    4. Heater is on. CAUTION- DO NOT TOUCH HEATER- Keep hand above sensing heat. Within 10 seconds it should be noticeable.
  5. Push "COOL" button immediately.
    1. Doors should open
    2. Fan will remain "on"
    3. Heater will be "off"
    4. After 3 minutes, drive wheel will reverse.
  6. 2 minutes later, unit will reset. Doors will close, Drive Wheel will stop, Fan will stop and display will remain on selected setting.
  7. Unplug machine and advise results. If OK, try with beans on setting #8. Advise results.