Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting

Air Popcorn Popper Method

Not all air poppers can be used for roasting coffee. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

Features: We HIGHLY recommend this method because it's easy and it produces very even roasts from the City to the French stages. Used poppers can be found in many thrift stores. They roast quickly, but usually only 3-4 ounces at a time. But since it's so easy, roasting 2 batches consecutively is not a big deal.

What You Need: A hot air popcorn popper of the recommended design only. An optional thermometer. A big bowl to catch the chaff, a big spoon, a metal collander (or 2, aluminum is best) for cooling, maybe an oven mitt.


Modifications and Refinements: We recommend Home Coffee Roastingby Ken Davids to find out how to modify your popper by adding a thermometer, and to refine your knowledge and ability to produce wonderful coffee.

Postscript: For legal reasons I can't talk about air popper roasting too much. Believe me, my (well, our) primary interest is having people enjoy this great hobby, and we really don't care about selling tons of fancy roasting appliances. I used to keep a load of poppers around and give them away, but they are becoming harder to find (try your local thrift stores!) Anyway, there are great online resources and one of the best West Bend Poppery modification pages is Espresso Mio!

Here are some tips on cooling the roast from Kevin Nicholson 5/29/05:

I have a tip for small batch home-roasters. I stumbled upon the heat-dissipating properties of the WearEver CushionAir pizza pan ($12.00). I can almost immediately halt the roasting process just by dumping hot beans onto this pan and gently shaking it until they are arranged in a single layer. This is an aluminum pan that has perforations in the middle which allow a lot of the heat to escape. The aluminum also transfers heat amazingly. The pan gets very hot, very quickly and the beans cools very quickly. This pan has allowed me to take a lot of the guesswork out of my roasting.. when the beans look good in the chamber, I dump em' and they don't really change after hitting the CushionAir pan.

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