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RIP Coffee (Roasted in Parchment) City+ Roast

Roasting coffee in parchment is tricky. First off, parchment adds to the combustible load in the roast chamber. YOU NEED TO STAY BY YOUR ROASTER. Don't walk away from this one, even in the warmup stages. Secondly, how in the world do you know the level of roast, and where to stop it? You can't see the green coffee. Well, that's one reason I took these images. This is a City roast (not recommended) where the exterior of the parchment has a red-brown color, with dark splotches.

Date   6/25/2008 12:47:24
Camera model   Canon EOS 40D
Shutter speed   1/100
Aperture   f/2.8
Exposure bias   0.00
Exposure   Not defined
Focal length   100mm
Flash   Off
Metering   Pattern
ISO sensitivity   400

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