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The top scoring coffees. Capacy sells off coffees scoring less than 80 at the going rate to another coop, and pays the farmer immediately. Sadly, there are times where a farmer WANTS their coffee to score low because they need immediate payment, even if it is 25% less than if they waited. This is a probelm we are trying to solve, faster payment for the high quality lots. But since the exact price for the top tier is somewhat dependent on the buyer, a buyer needs to be determined. For example, I pay more for an 87+ coffee than an 85-86, but can't buy every lot over 85 ... and also I need to receive a sample and verify. The purcahse is contingent entirely on how I score the coffee ... they are just using their cuppings to identify possible top tier micor-lots. So the system is not perfect yet, but has the foundation of a very good concept using cupping scores, quality tiers and total transparaency from farm to buyer.