a tidal wave of new coffee arrivals

So many new arrivals at once. Some lots were delayed in shipping, but everything seemed to come in at once! Therefore, it’s all I can manage right now to give you a list of links and some short descriptions – Tom

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3 Responses to “a tidal wave of new coffee arrivals”

  1. 1 Kevin Flack

    Great to see all the new coffees! It is kind of hard to maintain my stash reduction mode with all those great coffees available! I was wondering why you guys didn’t ever seem to have a Brazil Daterra on your offering page. I am sort of new to the espresso world and I was curious if the Daterra “Yellow Bourbon” would be a good choice for a S.O. espresso? I didn’t see any mention of this coffee being good for espresso in your review. I know some Brazils get ashy at a darker roast, but I wasn’t sure about this one.

  2. 2 admin

    Dattera YB would be very nice for a sweet, nuanced SO espresso, but don’t expect the thickness or chocolate you might get from a natural coffee, like our Cerrado offerings. -Tom

  3. 3 Marty shaw

    Will we get any Ugandan? I am out and suffering!

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