Clever Coffee Dripper: Our new “Full Immersion” brewer…

I am really excited about this little filtercone, the Clever Coffee Dripper. It greatly improves the quality of the coffee you brew. It is a simple #4 cone with a drip-stop mechanism. You let the coffee and water infuse for whatever length of time you want, place the filter on a cup or other vessel and let the filtered coffee drain down. Maria and I have been using this to make coffee at home for a couple of months now – and it works great. It actually does not drip! Well, not when it is not supposed to. It is an in-expensive way to make great coffee; all the body and full-flavor extraction of french press, without the sediment. That’s why we call this a “Full Immersion” brew method – coffee and water can infuse for the recommended 3-4 minute time, rather than a normal filtercone where you can only hope to control brew time by grinding coffee ridiculously fine. The Clever Coffee Dripper blends the convenience of filter drip, with control over extraction. It’s great for camping and travel as well, and can make coffee for 1, 2 4 people … exceeding the limitation of the Aeropress. -Tom

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6 Responses to “Clever Coffee Dripper: Our new “Full Immersion” brewer…”

  1. 1 krismcn

    One went straight into my shopping cart, but then it occurs to me; will the lids be available separately when they come in? Or should I wait to buy on until the lid is included? How long are we talking?

  2. 2 krismcn

    Ugh, that should be “buy one” obviously. This is what I get for commenting before I’ve had my coffee!

  3. 3 Thompson

    The lid will just be a slightly larger coaster that fits the top. I am sure most people can find something around the house, a plate, a round tupperware top, that would work well. It’s going to take us a while to get the second shipment in because they manufacture them to order, not beforehand. Plus, we have a lot of the current stock… Hope that helps! -Tom

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