New crop Costa Rica Herbazu & the last Kona

Two arrivals mark a first and a last. The first of many new crop Costa Rica lots is here from Cafetalera Herbazu, a fully washed coffee with prickly acidity, so bright and lively it might inspire an aria or two.. And the last Kona of the year, another excellent lot from Kowali Farm in Honaunau area of the Kona coast has arrived and is cupping very, very well. -Tom

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2 Responses to “New crop Costa Rica Herbazu & the last Kona”

  1. 1 maikeru207

    Tom, I was wondering if you tried any of the other top placing coffees from the Kona coffee fest. I have tried the 3rd place coffee from Aloha Hills and thought it was very good. I have heard that Aloha Hills does the processing for the Kowali Farm, but I’m not certain.

    Thanks for all the great coffee choices.


  2. 2 Thompson

    I’ll admit I did not try other winners this year besides Kowali and Moki’s. I have cupped many Ka’u coffees from the South this year. The Kowali is processed at Greenwell Farms…

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