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Take a look over to the right column of this here humble “BLOG” and you see our latest arrivals of coffee. Lo and Behold! Actual lots from the Rwanda and Bolivia Cup of Excellence competitions. As the coffee buyer and cupper here at SM, even I can’t quite believe they actually arrived. Sometimes it seems that the deliveries of these lots take longer and longer and longer. When was I at the Rwanda CoE? Last August? What month is it now, April? Lordy. The good news is this: we have been vacuum packing all of our CoE lots, and they are cupping incredibly good, super clean, vividly bright. Be they tardy as all get out, vacuum packaging has been the savior of these long lost lots, and they are just as they were on the cupping table at the event. The reviews are thorough, check them out … -Tom

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4 Responses to “cups of excellences”

  1. 1 Kevin

    Can you explain why it takes so long to receive these CoE lots? Who is at fault? The farmer? The importer? Politics?

    Having to wait 8 months to get your coffee almost seems like a “deal breaker” to me. If the CoE is such a prestigious event for these countries, why don’t they get involved and try to minimize these problems from the get-go? I guess as long as the coffees are cupping out as good as (or better than) they were in the actual event, then that’s all you would care about though….

  2. 2 rabornmd

    I know the world is an amazing place, but humans are frail! How do you “Trust but Verify” that the coffee sent you is exactly the coffee you had before instead of some beans that are “close” to the same? I am sure some sellers are less trustworthy. I remember the “olive oil” business and it took high tech testing to clean it up.

  3. 3 Golasso

    Okay, so this year I am going to try to be a bit less ADD in my coffee buying. I am going to limit myself to Rwanda, Colombia, and Guatemala, plus of course my annual purchases of Carmen Estate and DP Koratie (Am I really being less ADD? Anyway…). Any Colombians and non-COE Rwandans of note on the horizon? I think I know that Guats are more June / July arrivals, anything to look forward to there? (I really enjoy Agua Tibia). Love your site and doing biz with you.

  4. 4 Thompson

    Okay – lots of questions. Who’s to blame with these long delays? Mainly it is the exporter in the Rwanda case. They were very poor at coordinating with importers. CoE deserves a little blame. They are improving but have never truly focused on the delivery system for the winning lots … they see it as their “exporter partners” job. But it reflects on the whole organization when things go badly. As far as the verity of the lots, that is not an issue. Never been a case of switcheroo. The best development is vacuum packing these coffees, which we pay extra for, but it is the best guarantee of receiving the coffee in great condition, cupping like it should. These Rwanda and Bolivia lots are so vibrant and clean, and vac packing is the key; it protects the coffee in the case of such delays in shipping. No new Rwandas after this … that is it for the year. Agua Tibia is due in a couple weeks, the very first of the new crop Guats.

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