The Kenya Coffee Auction

I had some interesting footage of the Kenya auction, and the amazing sampling room upstairs. Yes, those auction sound effects are real! I did not dub in sound from a ’70s PONG video game! -Tom

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5 Responses to “The Kenya Coffee Auction”

  1. 1 andrewt

    Tom, this video is amazing. You are such an asset to the coffee community. Thank you for sharing this video and your experiences. Getting an opportunity to see the Kenya coffee auction process is not something most of us get to see. I am a roaster and coffee buyer for Kaldi’s Coffee in St. Louis and i have continued to be a patron and avid reader of your website for the past ten years. I am and will always be humbled by the work farmers and other entities put into getting coffee to us, the roaster. Thank you for continuing to provide insight into this process.

  2. 2 Thompson

    wow – thanks a lot for the nice comment, andrew! -tom

  3. 3 dfluke

    Thanks a bunch for the video. It’s really neat to see how things like this happen, because it gives me ideas on what’s involved in the trade. It’s kind of like professional fireworks or pyrotechnics, until you really see first hand what’s going on, you never know what interests you to the point of pursuing something greater.

  4. 4 andrewt

    How does one become a broker in Kenya? Is it a bureaucratic process through the Kenyan govt? Do the brokers participate in the cupping of the coffees or is that delegated to someone? The process of sorting through all that coffee seems very overwhelming.

    As for the compliment, it’s my pleasure you deserve it.

    btw, Tyler Zimmer our lead coffee buyer at Kaldi’s saw your natural lot at Burmas del Zurqui. I look forward to reading your cupping notes on that coffee and buying a few pounds to taste myself, if it is available (i thought it was Burams del Zurqui, i could have that wrong).

  5. 5 Thompson

    How does one become a broker in Kenya?

    oh, lordy. i have no idea. broker’s/exporters definitely cup, and they cup A LOT!

    Brumas del Zurqui. :-)

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