New coffee arrivals whilst Tom was in Africa…

There were some coffees listed while I was away (well, ones I had reviewed before I left for Africa for 3 weeks) – here they are …

  • 2/27: Yet more arrivals! To the tune of 3! It’s the return of a rare region: Ecuador Puyango Loja, a medium cup with floral, apple and peach notes; Another organic central is added: Costa Rica Helsar Oganic Naranjo, with cocoa and orange tastes; and lastly, Sumatra Lintong Dolok Sanggul, with caramel, black tea, cinnamon tones, it does well along a full range of roasts.
  • 2/18: We have three more arrivals! … Our new Espresso Workshop Blend: Espresso Workshop #3 Basaltic Bourbon blend, a lively and clean blend of Bourbon varietals; Colombia “Dos Payasos de Tolima” (3-star), a lightly spiced cup with apple and caramel, it’s a new offering from our Tolima project; and finally a great coffee from Burundi, clean and sweet, similar to a Rwanda Bourbon: Burundi Kayanza Bwayi No. 7
  • 2/17: We have three new arrivals today: El Salvador Matalapa Estate Bourbon, becoming a classic Bourbon offering for us, nicely balanced with orange and praline; Ethiopia Organic Kemala “Korito Koran”, , A new certified-organic direct trade coffee, great for dark roasts, SO espresso and blends: thick body, fruit finish, chocolate; and finally… from the Southern region of Sulawesi: Sulawesi Enrekang “Mount Alla”, a more ‘Sumatran’ profile chocolately offering, syrupy and sweet.
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    1. 1 ChrisF

      Tom – Glad to hear that you are back safely. Can’t wait to hear more about what’s slated for this year from Africa.

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