motozintla means “land of the squirrels”

i just returned from a short trip to Chiapas, which is as far south in Mexico as you go without ending up in Guatemala. we landed in Tapachula, then headed up to the coffee town of Motozintla. i learned a few things, the least of which is this: i dislike traveling in a group. anyway, i wrote another fairly acerbic commentary, with a lot of pictures and a few nice ones here and there. -tom

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2 Responses to “motozintla means “land of the squirrels””

  1. 1 BirdBarista

    Thanks for another entertaining and education travelog, Tom. Aside from learning a lot about origin, I am amazed at the ubiquity of Roberto Esponja, although the cubist chicken was a classic. Thanks again.

  2. 2 admin

    you are correct – it is mind-boggling to see all these paintings of him . but i sorta like all the “interpretations” … had some really funny photos from nicaragua this year of off-kilter sponge bobs. the one in chiapas is pretty fancy looking though. i want to make the chicken into our next t-shirt, although i am convinced a handful of people will like it and most will think “wuh?” -tom

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