Roast Coffee Pairing #43: Flatbean vs. Peaberry

This week we are roasting two coffees from Tanzania that are markedly different, partially due to their selection.  Nyamtimbo Peaberry is a lot from the South of the country, far from Kenya but with some hints of malic (apple) acidity balanced against a spicy, caramelized sweetness.  We roasted this to Full City level, final thermoprobe temp 435 and roast times around 15 minutes.  Mbinga Ruvuma Flatbean has even wilder notes of black pepper and dark berry alongside the aforementioned acidity.  Roasted to Full City+ level, final thermoprobe temp 440 and roast times around 15 minutes.  Both of these lots have an impressive creamy mouthfeel that help set coffee from Tanzania apart from its African neighbors. Flat or round? You decide.

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