Roast Coffee Pairing #40: DIY Mokha Java

Two great coffees equal one super Mokha Java blend. The Yemen Sana’ani is a high-quality Mokha that was roasted to Full City+ with just a shade of second crack.  Thiis should add a nice element of spicey accents to the Bali Kintimani, which is a sweeter, milder Java component, also roatsed to Full City+ but with a few more snaps of second crack.  I just brewed a pot of 50/50 and there is a good interplay between the wilder notes the Yemen brings to the cup and the balanced bittersweet chocolate of the Bali.  It was fun to roast these coffees a litlte darker than normal and target a roast level just before second crack really gets started in earnest. Try them on their own or blended together and let us know what you think.  If you like this two coffee blend try other versions using Ethiopia and Sumatra, or Rwanda and Sulawesi, the sky’s the limit!

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