Roast Coffee Pairing #34: Central America: Compare/Contrast

Here we are comparing two Central American coffees – both from the same region – the same processing method. In a way we are splitting hairs here with two coffees from the same mill, the same region. The difference is the cultivar – in one case Caturra, the other Villa Sarchi. The Costa Rica Helsar Villa Sarchi Solis is classic Costa Rican coffee, mild with great balance, good body and brightness.

The Caturra Macho Arce is farmed by Manuel Arce, who calls himself “Macho”, this is another classic, bright, clean cup with similar cup characterisics. There is a distinct difference in the body of these two lots, with the Villa Sarchi having a more syrupy mouthfeel and the Caturra with more effervescence. Both coffees were roasted to a light Full City level to highlight the wonderful balance between chocolate and fruit both of these lots posess. Final thermoprobe temperature of 428 degrees, 15 minute roast times.

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