Roast Coffee Pairing #29: Super Low Acidity

We get questions all the time about coffees that are low acid. Many specialty coffee purveryors are so enthusiastic about over-the-top, high acid coffees that the concept of a low acid, yet sweet cup seems quaint or boring. I actually prefer more low acid coffees, as they are gentler on the tummy, and when roasted properly have very fine attributes, they just don’t hit you over the head. The Sumatra is a fair trade organic from the Arinagata co-op and takes a wide range of roasts. I decided to go for the Full City level to bring out the bittersweet and rustic notes. The Peru Organic Cusco Canelon is from the Capacy co-op and is lush and sweet but wouldn’t win any cupping competititions. The wonderful almond overtones and nectarine hints are prevelant in this City++ roast. Hope you enjoy these two examples of low acid coffee, I know your stomach will!

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