Roast Coffee Pairing #25: 4th Generation Centrals

In this pairing we are using coffees from two farms that have been around a long long time, a Peaberry lot from the Matalapa Estate in El Salvador, and a Bourbon lot from the Puerta Verde estate, Antigua, Guatemala. I am not sure if the fact that the farms have been around so long contributes to their “classic cup” profile or not, but that is the case with both of these coffees. Both are truly classic Central American coffees. With the Matalapa Peaberry lot, the cup is vividly bright, with bracing orange acidity, laced with slight floral bits. As it cools there is bright and dynamic lemon with a cinnamon note. The Puerte Verde Bourbon is a classic Bourbon cup, dense mouthfeel, restrained flavors, classic brightness and balance. Both coffees were roasted to City+ with final thermoprobe temperature of 422 degrees and roast times of 15 minutes.

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