Roast Coffee Pairing #24: Body Body Body

In this pairing we are placing two coffees with very different types of body side by side: Sulawesi Tana Toraja Ke’pe and India Organic Jasmine Yellikudige. Both were roasted to Full City with final thermoprobe temperatures between 434-436 and roast times of 15 minutes. Sulawesi Ke’pe has rustic sweetness with an oily body, well balanced for an Indonesian coffee: both intense and clean. India Yellikudige is savory with a more rounded mouthfeel and smoother body due to the wet processing used for this lot. Brewing method plays a big part in developing body in the cup, and a French press brew of any coffee will likely have more body than a drip brew. When we tasted these two side by side brewed in the Technivorm the India jumped out as having more body than the Sulawesi. This is interesting since normally wet-hulled coffees like Ke’pe have more body than fully washed lots like Yellikudige, not so in this case.

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