Roast Coffee Pairing #22 – Varietal Influence: Pacamara v. Bourbon

We are revisiting this pairing idea since it is such a fundamental issue in coffee: how much the varietal character of the plant influences the cup flavor. First up we have El Salvador Siberia Estate Pacamara. We roasted this batch to a City+ level to highlight the cultivar flavor profile; this is tricky to do with this type of bean because I needed to stop the roast while 1st crack was still audibly ocurring. This meant final thermoprobe temperature of 420 degrees and roast times of 15 minutes using slightly smaller batch sizes than we normally do. Next we roasted Guatemala Finca San Jose Ocana which was roasted more in the Full City range and is a mighty dense little bean. So final thermoprobe temps were 434 degrees with roast times approaching 16 minutes. As for the cup comparison, the Pacamara has a floral sweetness, while the Bourbon has a maltier sweetness. These two are ideal examples of the variances in flavor due to cultivar.

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