Roast Coffee Pairing #21: Light Roast/Dark Roast

This week we roasted the same coffee: Kenya Nyeri AA – Kagumo Coop to two different levels. The first batches were roasted to City+ and the resultant cup is super sweet and wonderful, really the ideal roast level for this coffee. It was counterintuitive to roast the rest of the batches all the way to Full City as the cup changes considerably and more bittersweet notes dominate. As Tom mentions in the review the profile becomes a bit more aggressive at darker roast levels and this might suit some tastes very well. But for me, the lighter roast of this coffee is so much more flavorful and sweet. See what you think and try this experiment with your own roasting, so much can be learned from roasting the same coffee in different ways. City+ roast took 13 minutes, final thermoprobe temp. of 420, Full City took 14 minutes final thermoprobe temp. of 438.  If you examine both coffees visually there doesn’t seem to be much difference but the cup really reveals the subtle shifts in flavor that occur when you go from one roast level to the next.  Try experimenting with blending the two roasts together before brewing for yet another flavor profile. 

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