Roast Coffee Pairing #20: The Funky Bunch

So, this week we may have completely lost our minds. The headline might read: “Sweet Maria’s roasts Robusta and pairs it with Sumatra coffee, are they insane?!” I roasted the Sumatra Organic Lampahan -Bonkawan Coop to three different levels (City+, FC, and FC+–426, 431, and 436 degrees respectively via thermoprobe) since I was doing three batches, I then blended these together to try to capture the entire flavor range this coffee possesses. The cup has wonderful prune-like sweetness to compliment the heavy body and low acidity. I roasted Rwanda Wet-Process Robusta to Full City with final thermoprobe temperature of 440 degrees. Try brewing these two coffees together: we tested a 50/50 ratio as well as one with just 1 scoop of Robusta to 4 scoops of Sumatra. This is not normally what we like to drink around here but my In-Laws would love to dump cream and sugar in a cup of this before a day of fishing on the lake. Ain’t it funky now.

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1 Response to “Roast Coffee Pairing #20: The Funky Bunch”

  1. 1 larrylr

    I tried the 50/50 mix of Sumatra and Robusta. The aroma of the coffee has a somewhat “wet leather an sweat” smell to it. Being adventurous I took a sip. First impression is that you have tangled with a wild animal, a bit raw and biting and sweaty. Wow. I gave it until halfway through the cup to try to like it, just couldn’t. I tried the Sumatra straight up. More of a domesticated animal, very earthy and smooth with a slight raw edge to it. Very nice indeed. I’m trying to think of something to do with the robusta. Maybe a paper weight. LOL Thanks for the adventure. It was fun!

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