Roast Coffee Pairings #12: Africanized: Taste the Future.

Roast Coffee Pairings #3: Africanized: Taste the Future.
Wet-process coffees from Africa can be surprisingly different: Kenyas are over-the-top acidic, while Rwandas have clean and balanced flavor profiles. The Burundi Kayanza Bwayi No.7 lot is quite similar to the latter: it is sweet, faultless, and has the beautiful aroma you might find in Rwandan Bourbon coffees. Ugandas are something quite different; generally available as large, homogenized lots, Ugandas have a rustic fruity sweetness. I happened to find this large lot (Uganda Organic Bugisu) with really nice lemony cup character, a rarity in Uganda. For this pairing, I thought it would be interesting to look at these two, very different lots side-by-side to compare the cup flavors, and to see a bit of the future. Within the next few years I think we will see micro-regional Uganda offerings, as we have this year for the first time from Burundi, and as we did beginning several years ago from Rwanda. While these are both wet-processed coffees, roasted to the same City+ level (424 f bean temp measure on Probat roaster), they are quite different. The Uganda is a nice cup, and more typical of East African coffees. It’s a little funky, has heavier body, fruit and a slight herbal quality. The Burundi really shows the potential of East Africa; it’s a bourbon cultivar (like much of Rwanda coffee) and a very dense bean. It has zero defects (the Uganda had some under-ripes, some quakers, which we manually removed to some degree), and a refined cup. It reminds me more of a wet-process Central than an African coffee, with clean crisp brightness, raisin fruit note, lighter body. I wouldn’t score one of these higher than the other because in their own right, each cup is excellent. But the Uganda tastes more like a dry-process coffee with it’s definite fruitiness, and the Burundi is a very well prepared wet-process from a great varietal. – Tom

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1 Response to “Roast Coffee Pairings #12: Africanized: Taste the Future.”

  1. 1 mmmcoffee

    I french pressed these beauties and both of these coffees are wonderful.
    The Burundi Kayanza Bwayi No.7 displayed a clean,sweet and nicely fruity cup.
    However, I and several others that I treated to the testings, came away with the same preference for the Uganda Organic Bugisu. It’s that rustic quality of sweetness and heavier body that lead to a more enjoyable experience… “SO SAY WE ALL” (Battlestar Galactica fans can relate to that comment, but I digress).
    Thank You once again Sweet Maria’s for having these wonderful pairings!

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