Roast Coffee Pairing #8: Nutty Coffee!

Nutty Coffee! Are nuts good?  Sure, but in coffee?  Are nut flavors just a function of a lighter roast?  Well, partially, but it’s about the coffee too.  And lots from very different origins have different types of nut flavors.  For this selection, we chose two extremes, even though they are neighbors.  The frigid, highest reaches of Bolivia (remember, La Paz is the world’s highest capital city) are so extremely different than the warm, rolling plains of Brazil’s Minas Gerais state, but both coffees have nutty character.  And yet they display it in completely different ways against a completely different backdrop of flavors.  This week we roasted Bolivia FTO SHG EP Caranavi and Brazil Cerrado DP Fazenda Aurea.  Both coffees were kept light, in the City+ range.  Each batch took about 15 minutes to roast and we used a profile that builds heat steadily through the first 2/3 of the roast cycle and then dialed it way down to ease through first crack.  The Brazil was finished when the thermoprobe read 427-430 depending on the batch and the Bolivia finished a tad earlier around 425 degrees via thermoprobe.  We were definitely trying to keep these coffees on the nutty side and stay away from the chocolate flavors that admittedly add a nice balance to both of these coffees when roasted to FC+ or therabouts.  But we are nuts for light roasted coffee here at SM’s (hee hee) and wanted to highlight the lovely, malty nuttiness in the Brazil, and the more floral, vanilla bean nutty flavor in the Bolivia.  Hope you enjoy it; if you don’t, you’re nuts.

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  1. 1 larrylr

    I cannot believe more people don’t comment on the pairings. This the a fantastic idea and I am learning more about coffee than I have in all the years I have been with you. I brew the coffee, taste it and form my own opinions. I then read your comments about the coffee and see how close they match. In the beginning it was near zero. Toward the end of this pairing it is close to 60 percent. I absolutely love this, please continue as long as you can, it is a great education for myself and my wife. As a side benefit the coffees are just great. Thank you. Larry

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