early roast session: el salvador yellow bourbon

since i leave for sumatra and sulawesi on sunday and josh is in europe doing his band thing, we roasted and packed the coffee satruday. the el salvador yellow bourbon is all about body … incredible body and that classic bourbon balance. the label mentions melon but i get mild citrus hints, moderate acidity, toasty roast notes, nutty in the dry fragrance, sweet, and body, body, body. the puro scuro is right at our target roast, a tad lighter than monkey blend, and way lighter than classic italian. that’s why it is truly dual use. costa rica decaf was showing a drop of oil today, but that is deceptive … the usual decaf hyjinks. it’s a city+ roast, but since decafs have already had their structure “compromised” by the decaf process, they can show oil pre-second crack, on occasion. it would indicate a fast roast, sometimes, but i guarantee you i babied it to 430 and finished it very slowly. it’s just the way that coffee is…

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