Guatemala Huehuetenango “Quetzal Azul”

So, Derek and I tried this Huehue at three different roast levels and both agreed that the lightest was best.  In order to achieve a City level roast on the Probat I took each batch to 428 degrees, with an average time of 15:30.  By the time this coffee reaches you, the customer, it should be ready to drink having rested for at least 48 hours.  The tricky thing about light roasting coffee is that it hits it’s “peak” flavor point a good while after it was roasted.  This differs from coffee to coffee but on this particular dense Guatemala lot it will take every bit of two days.  The darker the roast the less amount of time between roasting and peak flavor point.  By the way, since Tom is out visiting farms, we used the trusty Behmor to do our test roasts…I just threw 1/2 pound in on the 1 pound setting, P4 profile, and then tried 20 min, 18 min, and 16 min roasts to achieve three very different roast levels.

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3 Responses to “Guatemala Huehuetenango “Quetzal Azul””

  1. 1 maikeru207

    I’d be very interested to hear your comments on the three P4 Behmor roasts.

    A friend with a Kona coffee farm recently gave me some Kona Fancy to roast. I decided to experiment with the relatively low grown Indonesia Flores on the Behmor before roasting the Kona. I tried two roasts on P4 and one on P2. Both P4 roasts resulted in a quick transition from first crack to second crack since when first crack was reached I was already at max heat or just switching to max heat. I was able to stretch the 1C to 2C time using P2. All roasts were roughly FC to FC+. While the differences were not dramatic, I did find that the P2 roast was more complex and did not sour as the coffee cooled.

    On a side note, I really enjoyed the Indonesia Flores as french press, but found it too bright as espresso at the level I roasted it.

    Thanks for this learning resource.


  2. 2 rabornmd

    Do you ever add minutes after the start at about 10 min running in the Behmor? I am learning to roast in it and have read your thoughts and tricks
    There is a new electronic faceplate coming out for the Behmor Have you seen it?
    I will be by to vist the store after Oct 19th.

  3. 3 thompson owen

    That is interesting that you found the Flores too bright for espresso. I think P2 would help with that. It’s still a lot higher grown than Kona though, which is a very soft bean. It’s the difference between 1000-1400 meters and 1000-1500 feet

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