Mountains of Gold and Bonko Black Sun (!)

I added two new lots today. Costa Rica Tarrazu -Montes de Oro is from a small Micro Mill and farm run by Emilio Gamboa and his family. In a cupping with Costa Rica farmers here at Sweet Maria’s a month ago, this coffee impressed everyone, and it still does today! It is also one of the early lots in which we are transitioning to our new scoring system! Check it out. We have used the new numbers on our second lot too, another stellar dry-processed Ethiopia in a season of gems; Ethiopia Organic DP Bonko “Black Sun.” (It’s our new favorite name too). -Tom

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2 Responses to “Mountains of Gold and Bonko Black Sun (!)”

  1. 1 Kevin

    This Costa Rica Tarrazu “Montes de Oro” is another fabulous coffee. I have found that I like it as a drip coffee right on the verge of the second crack and rested about 4 days. I also pulled some shots at about 7 days rest and they completely blew my mind – a real chocolate bomb with fruit and spice in the background. It has to be the pulped natural or miel processing that makes this bean so versatile, right?

  2. 2 Thompson

    I think so, because standard Costa Rica wet-process can’t often do double duty as espresso. Miel process heightens body and the sense of chocolate in the roast taste, as well as making acidity softer and more moderate.

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