Finca West Oakland

Growing, picking, processing, drying, hulling, roasting, grinding, brewing and tasting. A comedy.

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8 Responses to “Finca West Oakland”

  1. 1 Alistair

    congratulations on your harvest Tom, you should think about starting an auction for next years crop. …but a serious question: wouldn’t coffee fermented using juice pick up the flavour of the juice?

  2. 2 Thompson

    No, I don’t think so. It’s about getting fermentation going to higher levels of acidity. The work I was citing was about “fermentation” not really being the means of mucilage removal, but rather detaching mucilage in a thin layer near the parchment with lower ph levels (acidic). -Tom

  3. 3 Alistair

    I don’t know Tom, I gotta imagine that any flavours touching the coffee influence the coffee… if you used cranberry or pineapple or orange, or threw some vanilla in there, the coffee wouldn’t pick it up?

  4. 4 Leo

    Incredible. I’d suspect soil composition to be the source of the aspirin cardboard cup.

  5. 5 Andy Sprenger

    Star-studded, informative and hilarious. Might be your finest work yet.

  6. 6 Canuckistan


    I especially love Marias reaction to the cupping, if only i could read minds. Much props for that Tom, quite a labour of love, and the cheap child labour was also a bright spot… ;)

    Keep on keepin’ on guys!!!!


  7. 7 Tony

    How does it compare to WP lowland grown?
    I would imagine the juice flavors to burn off when roasted if got into the coffee at all.

  8. 8 Thompson

    Using the citrus for fermenting really has no effect on flavor I think. The green bean is in this parchment layer and is well protected. If your parchment is damaged in hulling then you have trouble with the fermenting liquid affecting the green coffee directly. That was the trouble with early aqua pulping methods. Citrus is simply a more acidic base than water to get “fermentation” going. The coffee tasted pretty defective but that was due to the fact the cherries were so small and some of the beans seemed to have no density, some were shriveled too. So compared to other lowland coffee, well, I would say it was worse. But last years “crop”, from memory, was actually surprisingly good. Tasted like a Timor WP coffee -Tom

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