Some fantastic new arrivals …

We have a new crop lot of the very elegant Costa Rica Vino de Arabia in stock, another of our Micro-Mill coffees from Brumas del Zurqui. We’ll have some very unusual lots from Brumas later. If you know our coffees from year’s past, red this name carefully: Panama Boquete Lerida Estate “Miel”. It’s not the wet-process Peaberry (which will come in August). It’s unique and makes amazing S.O. espresso too! I have been hinting at another great DP Ethiopia, and here it is: Ethiopia Organic Dry-Process Koratie. The numbers tell the story on this one. And along those lines we have the highest rated Tanzania we have ever offered Tanzania Blackburn Estate AA

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  1. 1 thejavaman

    This Panama “Lerida Miel” is a pretty awesome coffee! I pulled some of the best shots I’ve ever had in 4+ years of espresso drinking using 60% of this Panama “Lerida Miel” @ Full City+ and 40% of your Brazil “Fazenda Jacaranda” (from July of last year) @ City+. This blend really came alive at about 5-6 days of rest – it had this really intriguing creamy/lemony/nutty/chocolatey taste that I won’t soon forget…..

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