Monthly Archive for June, 2012

Three new coffee additions

Burundi Sogestal Kirimiro is a very balanced, yet bright coffee with a Central America-like profile. Yemen Mokha Harasi is great at a wide range of roasts and has complex notes of dried fruit and rustic sweetness; a great SO espresso. Sumatra Toba Batak Peaberry with dark fruit and rindy citrus notes, this lot has a unique sweetness not often found in wet-hulled Sumatra coffees.

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Four new additions

We welcome Ethiopia Goma Duromina Cooperative with ripe berry and chocolate in a sweet, delicate cup. Aged Sumatra Aceh ’07 Crop is a bit of an acquired taste with peppery notes, syrupy sweetness and complex herbal notes. Espresso Workshop #24 – El Competidor a chocolate laced blend with cherry brightness and creamy mouthfeel. Bolivia Beneficio Buenavista SWP Decaf a very articulate, clean decaf with raw honey sweetness.

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Sourcing info straight from the source

Here’s the footage from the live webcast we did with Dan and Aleco, two of our coffee source-erers. We are now using “Google Hangouts On Air” which is commercial-free. In the future, you can expect better audio and video quality as we get used to our new broadcasting format.

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