Daily Archive for April 12th, 2012

New Products: J-Scales by Jennings

Using a scale when roasting and brewing isn’t mandatory but when you are trying to make good coffee on a consistent basis, a scale sure does help. The latest additions to our online shelves are the Jennings CJ-600 and the JS-300v. We have been using the CJ-600 for some time in our office kitchen and it’s proven to be very accurate and durable. It’s compatible with an AC adapter (sold separately), which is good if it’s going to stay put on your counter for a while. The JS-300v is great for travel or folks with limited counter space. You can take a look at them both by clicking here.

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Ye Olde Weblog

Traffic was so low on our blog we simply started ignoring it. We are investing a lot more time in our Library, and plan to eventually combine our blog type posts with our articles over there. We also found that most people are just checking out the What’s New on our home page to find out the latest. So you might not see the web log around too much longer.

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