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Upcoming Roast Coffee Pairing: Classic Cups from Two Different Regions 10/5/11

This pairing is a fine example of the contrasts between a classic Central America cup: Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo and a classic Africa cup:  Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dumerso Cooperative.  The main difference will be in the types of acidity present in each cup.  The Antigua should display a well-defined, bright malic acidity coupled with blackberry and toasted nut, while the Yirg will have more ripe and slightly winey fruit with a big tangy finish.  We’ll keep both of these coffees in the City+ range to highlight these regional differences.

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The return of the El Salvador Manzano Process Experiment & two others!

 El Salvador Manzano Process Experiment – 3 lb set, along with Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo and Sumatra Onan Ganjang Cultivar. This year we are excited to, once again, offer a great opportunity to explore the important impact process has on cup flavor with the El Salvador Manzano Process Experiment 3 lb set. We were actually able to witness the harvesting and processing of these three lots back in February and the results are nothing short of amazing. Each set presents one pound each of the Wet Process, Pulp Natural, and Dry Process lots along with an information sheet about processing methods and what to expect. There are key differences in both the way these roast and taste, see the full review for more detail. We also are adding Guatemala Antigua Finca Cabrejo with bright and refined acidity, apple notes, blackberry syrup and toasted nut roast tones. Finally is the unique Sumatra Onan Ganjang with syrupy cherry cola and sarsaparilla notes and an interesting herbal finish.

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Mark Your Calendar For The Eat Real Festival

We are happy to announce our participation in the Eat Real Festival this Sunday right here in our home city of Oakland, CA. Eat Real is a celebration of all kinds of foods ranging from gourmet cuisine to food trucks. One of the great attractions will be the DIY workshops…that’s where we come in. Be sure to drop by the DIY area at 11am on Sunday, Sept. 25th and watch our demo on how to roast coffee in a popcorn popper. Once our demo is over, stick around the DIY area and learn from other enthusiasts about making your own kombucha, sausage, cider, etc. The festival is free to the public and starts on Friday afternoon. Click here for a DIY workshop schedule.

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