Daily Archive for July 27th, 2011

Roast Coffee Pairing #67: Same Coffee, Two Roast Levels–Ethiopia Guji Suke Quto

This week we are looking at the way roast level affects the cup.  We’ve roasted a great new Ethiopia arrival in two very different ways.  The first batch was roasted to City+ and employed a quicker profile with final thermaprobe temperature of 430 degrees and roast time of 13 minutes.  The resultant cup has a  light body, sweet honey and tea-like notes.  The second batch was roasted to Full City and employed a longer profile with the same final thermaprobe temperature of 430 degrees but a roast time of 15 minutes.  This extra two minutes in the roaster adds more depth to the body along with caramelized sugar and nutty hints.  Both roasts feature a wonderful gingerbread flavor and show how much roast level/profile affects flavor.

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