Daily Archive for April 20th, 2011

New: Costa Rica Crestones Finca Alaska, Ethiopia WP Jimma Duromina, Hawaii Ka’u (Rusty’s Hawaiian)


Three stellar adds today: Costa Rica Chirripo Los Crestones -Finca Alaska, Ethiopia Wet-Process Jimma -Duromina Coop, and Hawaii Ka’u “Rusty’s Hawaiian”. As we ramp up out of the slow season, we are very happy to be adding these three great coffees. Look for toffee, hazelnut, and a dense body in the Costa Rica Chirripo Los Crestones -Finca Alaska. This is a classic Central and needs a good resting after roast. Next up is the Ethiopia Wet-Process Jimma -Duromina Coop. This is a sweetly fruited cup that takes on more chocolate accents with darker roasts. This is the first of a few more coffees we’ll see from this new coop and new system at origin. Last on the list today is the Hawaii Ka’u “Rusty’s Hawaiian” with a 1-lb limit per order. Look for honey, sunflower seed, caramel, and tea in the cup with a long finish from this Kona-like coffee. Click-through to read more notes about these coffees.

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Roast Coffee Pairing #60: Ethiopia Wet Process Wollega Leka Wato & Papua New Guinea Baroida Plantation

For this week’s pairing we chose two coffees more or less at random.  The concept of pairing certain coffees to showcase this and that seemed limiting.  So, for the foreseeable future we will be selecting two outstanding lots and roasting them just to be enjoyed.  You don’t have to think about the way they compare or contrast.  Ethiopia Wollega is a remarkable cup, with intense sweetness laden with fruit notes.   Roasted to a light City+ level with final temperature of 425 degrees and roast time of 15:00.  Papua New Guinea Baroida has more rustic sweetness with a nice piney note and chocolate.  Roasted to Full City with final temperature of 435 degrees and roast time of 15:30.  We hope you enjoy our new open-minded approach to the bi-monthly pairing, with so many great coffees to choose from why not?


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