Daily Archive for March 24th, 2011

New- Espresso Workshop #15- Les Baxterizer, Colombia Huila – Junin Diaz, Ecuador Grupo Tundurama


A new workshop blend and two limited microlots today: Espresso Workshop #15- Les Baxterizer, Colombia Huila -Finca El Junin, Humberto Diaz, and Ecuador Microlot Grupo Tundurama. First, go “Round the World with Les Baxter” by tasting our new Workshop Blend, #15 – Les Baxterizer Fans of #12 – Consonanza will like this blend with malt chocolate tones and pineapple aromatics. Next up are two limited microlot offerings that we are restricting to 1-lb orders. The Colombia Huila -Finca El Junin, Humberto Diaz is from a favorite farm of ours; look for panela sweetness and dark berry flavor at lighter roast levels. Lastly is the Ecuador Microlot Grupo Tundurama, a combined microlot typica with a nice Oaxaca-like balance of hazelnut, caramel, and a fruit finish. Happy Springtime everyone!



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Sweet Maria’s New Custom Cupping Spoon

We have been eagerly waiting for these to arrive and they are finally here. These spoons are made of scratch resistant stainless steel and have a great hand-sketched,  laser-engraved leaf design in the bowl, along with our logo on the handle.  They are stainless steel and made in England.  Tom owns a lot of cupping spoons and has determined that this model is his favorite. Click here for more info and photos.


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Roast Coffee Pairing #58: South American Coffee is So Nutty!

Different types of nut flavors are common in coffee – here we see it in a dry processed Brazil Organic Fazenda Colina, and a wet-processed Peru, the Peru FTO Apavam Coop Typica. Nuttiness is tied intrinsically to roast taste and the degree of roast, since a coffee that cups nutty at City+ will not be so at FC+. Nutty is usually a positive term but varies greatly as there are so many forms: hazelnut, walnuts, peanut, cashew, almond, etc.  For today’s pairing we kept both coffees in the City+ range with final temps of 430 and roast times of 14:45.  The Peru Typica is lively with pleasing acidity complimenting the nuttiness.  Brazil Colina is very clean for a dry processed lot and possesses great hazelnut and pecan notes.  In general the Peru has a lighter, sweeter nut taste while the Brazil has a bit more chocolate and nut profile.

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