Daily Archive for March 9th, 2011

Roast Coffee Pairing #57: Ethiopian – A Natural Pairing

Last pairing we examined the flavors in washed African coffees, this pairing we look at the other side of the coin: natural process coffees.  We chose two outstanding and quite different lots, Ethiopia Dry Process Limu – Nigusie Lemma and Ethiopia Harar Longberry.  The Nigusie Lemma is a total fruit bomb with amazing peach and blueberry highlights coupled with a thinner body, it was roasted to City+ and 427 degrees in about 14:30 minutes.  The Harar is a different beast altogether with loads of chocolate and spice with quite a bit more body, this was roasted to Full City and 435 degrees in about 14:30 minutes.  Feel free to remove the absolute tannest beans before you brew these two, there aren’t many of these “quakers” due to the outstanding prep, so leave the inbetweeners in there!


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