Daily Archive for February 23rd, 2011

New: Colombia Tolima Miguel Ospina, Costa Rica Manantiales Finca Fidel, Ethiopias Harar Longberry and Sidama Bonko


Coffee Ceremony! Newly added: Colombia Tolima -Miguel Ospina Microlot, Costa Rica Manantiales -Finca Fidel, Ethiopia Harar Longberry , and Ethiopia Sidama Bonko. It’s a fearsome foursome. Here’re the key notes: the Colombia Tolima -Miguel Ospina Microlot from the ASOCEAS coop is an elegant blend of fruits with vanilla-honey tones as well. We are limiting this small lot to 1-lb orders. The Costa Rica Manatiales Finca Fidel is a versatile coffee and a lively cup with florals, peach iced tea, and praline in the cup. And finally, we have two sure hits from Ethiopia. The Ethiopia Harar Longberry has a good body with cinnamon, and tea in the cup. At darker roasts, look for a hint of leather amongst rustic chocolate. The Ethiopia Sidama Bonko is a brighter cup with clear and light body, fennel cookie and a confectionery sugar taste.

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Roast Coffee Pairing #56: Washed African Coffees – Ethiopia and Rwanda

Here is a comparison of two African coffees at their best: the Ethiopia Sidama Bonko is light and sweet, while the Rwanda Remera Nyarusiza is floral with good mouthfeel.  Both were kept in the light roast range at City+ with final roast times of about 14:30 and temperature of 422 and 425 respecitively. Tasting the Ethiopia Bonko there is a light sweetness that literally tastes like powdered sugar dissolved in hot water while the Remera has more body and definite floral hints with a bit more balance than the Bonko.  We are becoming huge fans of these clean and sweet African coffees and hope to continue to see outstanding lots such as these with all the progressive programs that work to ensure coffee quality and equality in dealing with farms, mills, and cooperatives.   Enjoy this pairing, my favorite one we’ve ever done!

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