Daily Archive for December 15th, 2010

Roast Coffee Pairing #51: Ethiopia Dry Process v. Wet Process

The differences in processing method is something that we come back to over and over because it is one of the key things that determines coffee flavor. Here we have two Ethiopian coffees, one the dry process Weshi Jimma and the other a wet process Guji Oromo.  The dry processed coffee is emblematic of dry processed Ethiopian coffees, strongly fruited in both aroma and flavor, good body.  The wet processed coffee is less intense, more clear and clean, and sweet.  In this case the dry process coffee requires a bit more roast to develop the body and tone down the fruit so we roasted to a Full City level, final temperature of 437, 15 minute roast time.  The wet process was kept a bit lighter at City+, 428 degrees, and 14:30 roast times.  Remember to cull some of the lightest colored beans out of the dry process lot, before brewing to help sweeten the cup!

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