Daily Archive for December 1st, 2010

Roast Coffee Pairing #50: DIY Mokha Java: Yemen and Sumatra

We aren’t big blenders around these parts, except when roasting for espresso.  But this week we are encouraging you to blend away with these two coffees: Yemen Mokha Sana’ani and Sumatra Classic Mandheling.  Mokha Java refers to any blend of East African and Indonesian coffees and there are many interpretations.  What you’ll find is that these two coffees compliment each other beautifully.  The earthiness of the Sumatra is a great backdrop for the more enzymatic, fruit-laden Yemen.  I kept these roasts fairly close to each other and a touch on the darker side, Yemen to a fully developed Full City at 437 degrees and 15 minutes, Sumatra to Full City+ at 440 degrees and 15 minutes.  I just brewed up a pot of 50/50 but feel free to play with the proportions to suit your taste. Heck, try them on their own and compare and contrast what blending them brings out, or tones down.

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