Daily Archive for November 17th, 2010

Harvesting Coffee In Ethiopia

Tom is on his way back from Ethiopia and we are excited to hear about his travels. He sent back this video of harvesting in Shakisso where our Guji Oromo comes from:

Here’s a link to the review of that coffee on our site. Here’s a shorter video, also shot in the Shakisso area, a bit of coffee roasting in an open pan.

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Roast Coffee Pairing #49: Clean Coffees – Guatemala and El Salvador

Here we have two very clean and bright coffees, the El Salvador Siberia 100% Bourbon, and the Guatemala Huehuetenango La Maravilla. Both were roasted to City+ level with thermoprobe temperatures of 425 and 14 minute roast times.  If this were a competition for cleanliness the El Salvador would win, it is very crisp and mild, a perfect “drinking” coffee.  The Guatemala is a bit of a different beast, spicy with a caramel note in the cup.  So often we get carried away with fruit-bomb Kenyas, and musty Sumatras; these two cups remind me what well balanced, subtle profiles can bring to the table.  I could drink either of these coffees every day and be happy.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness, after all.

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