Daily Archive for October 28th, 2010

New: Costa Rica Herbazu Yellow Honey, Panama Carmen 1900M, Kenya Kirinyaga Guama PB, Brazil Cerrado DP Aurea


Great new Coffees today: Costa Rica Herbazu Yellow Honey, Panama Carmen Estate 1900 Meters, Kenya Kirinyaga Guama Peaberry, and Brazil Cerrado DP Fazenda Aurea Let’s hit some key notes as we run down each of these. With the Costa Rica Herbazu Yellow Honey, we have a “Miel” process coffee with caramel, toffee, and honey as well as a bright and dynamic citric zing! Next is this season’s Panama Carmen Estate 1900M, a balanced cup with dense body, brown sugar, creme brulee and vanilla. We were able to obtain a small lot of Kenya Kirinyaga Guama Peaberry — limit is 10lbs. This is a bracingly bright cup with grapefruit, lemon, and rind notes. Last up is the return of Brazil Cerrado DP Fazenda Aurea with creamy body and nut tastes. Roast darker for espresso or to bring out the chocolate notes.

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