Daily Archive for September 23rd, 2010

New coffees: Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo, Guat. Acatenango Soledad, Colombia Carcacoles del Sur PB


Hooray! Three new coffees: Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo -Finca Genesis, Guatemala Acatenenango -Finca La Soledad and Colombia Peaberry Los Caracoles del Sur. Here’s the brief rundown: The Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo -Finca Genesis is a big customer favorite and former CoE #1 award-winner; unique combo of citrus brightness and syrupy body containing dried fruit and toasted nut flavors. Moving on, we have Guatemala Acatenenango -Finca La Soledad, with its balanced mix of almond and apricot with dense and rounded mouthfeel. Lastly is a new coffee: Colombia Peaberry Los Caracoles del Sur, a “southern” blend of coffees from southern Huila and southern Tolima. Look for fig fruits, syrupy body and milk chocolate in the profile. Check out Tom’s full cupping reviews and farm info at the links above!

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