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New arrival: El Salvador Aida’s Grand Reserve (& Producers Visit)

Mario Mendoza-Corleto (far left) and Aida Batlle (right, in white) share a few laughs with Sweet Maria's staff

Aida Batlle at her farm on Santa Ana volcano

Announcing: El Salvador Peaberry “Aida’s Grand Reserve” …, the arrival of our favorite coffee from what is possibly our favorite farm! ! It’s hard to condense the intense qualities of character into a blurb but look for a juicy cup with Monukka raisin, dark wine notes, and semi-sweet chocolate in the profile. Look for a sherbet like fruit sweetness at the lighter roasts,… well, just check out Tom’s review after you read about Aida’s visit below:

Aida Batlle, Roberto Llach, Diego Llach and Mario Mendoza-Corleto recently visited our office/warehouse here in Oakland to see how we operate.  Aida runs several farms (including Finca Kilimanjaro) on the Santa Ana volcano, and Roberto and his son Diego are connected with the San Gabriel Tablon Buena Vista farm.  Mario runs the mill J. Hill that processes both farms’ coffees and many others.   Aida shared the story that she personally vacuum packs all her coffee herself, and has the arms to prove it!  We also found out that through his travels, Roberto had met Emperor Haile Selaissie during a trip to Ethiopia in the early 1970s.

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Roasting with a Popcorn Popper. So Simple.

We realized that amongst all the videos we have posted, there has never (gasp!) been one covering the basics of roasting with a popcorn popper – which is one of our favorite ways to home roast and an especially good, inexpensive way to get started. So we decided to post 3 new YouTube vids  about roasting with a popper. In the first one, Tom goes to the thrift/junk store to show you the kind of popper to look for.

Check out the other new videos too – one where Tom demonstrates using a popper to roast coffee – and another of the entire roast process in a popcorn popper.

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