Daily Archive for August 13th, 2010

New coffees: Yemen Ismaili, Costa Rica San Marcos Tarrazu, Guatemala Antigua Puerta Verde


Check out our great new coffees! : Yemen Mokha Ismaili, Costa Rica San Marcos Tarrazu, and Guatemala Antigua Puerta Verde Bourbon. Let’s start with the eagerly anticipated Yemen Mokha Ismaili. This coffee is limited to 5-lb because of the dwindling lot size but expect a huge variety of complexity in flavor profile with caramel, spice, and even leather in the taste. Try this at a range of roasts or as a step (mixed roast) blend for the full story. Next up is Costa Rica San Marcos Tarrazu, a very fine micro-lot that should be kept at a light roast to bring out the origin tastes. Look for soft chocolate, sweet honey, and a slight citric aftertaste in this exceptional Central. Last on the docket is the Guatemala Antigua Puerta Verde Bourbon. What flavors lie behind the ‘Puerta Verde?”… look for classic Bourbon qualities with balanced brightness, creamy body and juicy mouthfeel. Check out the dark berry flavors at darker roasts too!

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