Daily Archive for August 6th, 2010

Roast Coffee Pairing #42: Guatemala Love-In

Are you loving our Guatemalan offerings as much as us?  We are roasting two exceptional Guatemalan coffees that you can compare and enjoy. First up is a classic Guatemalan cup in the Bourbon Finca San Diego Buena Vista. Look for the balanced body and syrup tones from this classic profile. Contrast that against the Finca La Bella JBM Cultivar, an unorthodox Jamaican Blue seed stock preparation grown in Guatemala. Look for a pronounced milk chocolate taste and a bit of acidity in the cup. After tasting them side by side on the cupping table the Buena Vista has a nice bright snap with a light finish, while the JBM is a bit more rounded with apple skins and apricot and the aforementioned chocolate tones.  The Bourbon SDBV was roasted to City+ final temp. 425 degrees, and the JBM to Full City final temp. 430.

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