Daily Archive for April 21st, 2010

New arrivals- Colombia Tolima Merediano Microlot,Tanzania Nyatimbo PB,Sumatra Onan Ganjang Cultivar,Ethiopia FTO Shoye Sidamo WP Decaf,Espresso Workshop #11 Tono Alto


It’s a new coffee day! We’ve added a new workshop blend and some interesting arrivals. Read on… First is small but special preparation, the Colombia Tolima Merediano Microlot with strawberry, nectarine, and bittersweet tastes. We are limiting sales as we have a limited supply of this great prep. Next is the spicy Tanzania Nyatimbo Peaberry with a broad mouthfeel, spiced notes, and dark berry in the finish. Most of our Indonesian fans will know and remember Sumatra Onan Ganjang Cultivar, another big bodied, low acidity winner with butterscotch and chocolate in the profile. It’s another unique addition to our Indonesian section. We’ve also added a great coffee that we sent to be decaffeinated… The Ethiopia FTO Shoye Sidamo WP Decaf which hasn’t lost it’s buttery body or milk chocolate taste in its new decaf form. Last, but not least, is a new workshop edition the Espresso Workshop #11 Tono Alto with floral tones, caramel, and even grapefruit. Check out Tom’s full review(s) and note that this new blend is a bit brighter than the last, thus the naming convention (but it’s not a soprano-bright profile so don’t be scared off!)…

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