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Maui Moka 11 Screen

Maui Moka 11 Screen, originally uploaded by sweetmarias.

Maui Moka 11 Screen next to a Nic Pacamara Natural 17-21 screen. Like
a Chihuahua and a Mastiff together. Are they both really coffee? We are able to roast the Hawaii Ka’anapali DP Maui Moka 11 screen in the Behmor with the Small Grid Drum, however about 5% of the coffee beans escape and it creates much more smoke than a typical roast. If you go this route, be careful and keep an eye on the batch! -Tom

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Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Sumatra

We are adding 100 new coffees today! April Fools! Actually, we are only adding four but they are outstanding. First up are two new microlots from South America: Ecuador Luz Chinchay and Flora Bermeo Microlot is a combined lot from two wonderful women farmers that are participants in a new cooperative effort to bring carefully grown small farm coffees to market. This particular lot has a buttered toast roast flavor with hints of winey fruit and classic Typica cultivar characteristics. Colombia Tolima, Misael Garzon Microlot has tangy bittersweet notes perfectly balanced with fruity brightness, when we opened the vacuum packs of this coffee the sweet aroma of the green coffee bowled us over! Costa Rica Caturra “Macho Arce” is a classic Costa Rica cup with sweet citrus, maple syrup, chocolate milk and hazelnut notes. Hawaii coffee is back with Hawaii Ka’anapali DP Maui Moka 11 Screen this is a unique small-bean cultivar that is difficult but rewarding to roast, expect honey, cocoa, and oily body, Behmor users take caution: even with a small grid drum you will loose quite a few beans, so excercise caution when roasting. Finally, we are adding the ever popular Sumatra Takengon Classic a low acid, tenor-to-bass toned cup with that distinct flavor profile of dark carmelized sugar, earthy spice, and ripe fruit. As always, click through to the full reviews for more information.

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