Daily Archive for March 19th, 2010

Roast Coffee Pairing #32: Farmgate Highlights

Here we have two coffees from Guatemala from our Farm Gate program, the Acatenango Finca La Soledad and a Bourbon San Diego Buena Vista, also from Acatenango. I have visited both of these farms in early 2010 and can attest to the care they take with the coffee. Both farms have their own mill, so they control every aspect of their coffee, from the tree to the cup, and they do a very good job. The San Diego Buena Vista is a very well rounded cup, with great body and balance. The Finca La Soledad is also another example of a great, well balanced Guatemalan coffee, this time a mix of cultivars. Both batches were roasted to 427 degrees by thermoprobe, total roast time 15 minutes. This yielded a City+ roast level which highlights the wonderful high notes of these well rounded coffees. The best of classic Guatemala flavors from two oustanding farms!

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