Daily Archive for March 3rd, 2010

El Salvador, Honduras, Uganda, and two decafs


Happy March! We are adding two microlots from Central America today El Salvador Matalapa – Puerta Zapa Microlot is a buttery bodied, sweet, high-toned lot from a specific part of the Matalapa farm, while Honduras Organic – Michelle Guevara Microlot is a honey-drenched cup with jasmine tea hints and a lemony bright snap. Also, we are pleased to add the outstanding Uganda Organic Mbale Bugisu suitable for a wide range of roasts with nice pungency and body, great as an SO espresso! Finally, a couple of welcome additions to our decaf selections: Sumatra Lintong Nihota KVW Decaf has a classic Sumatra flavor profile with rustic earth notes and molasses sweetness and Mexico Oaxaca Pluma WP Decaf is a mildly bright cup with malty roast tones and nice fruit with good bittersweet tanginess.

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Roast Coffee Pairing #31: DIY Melange

A version of a moka java, this pairing features two coffees that can be prepared either separately or as a blend. We  roasted the Java Kajumas Organic Wet-Hulled, a very deep toned coffee with tons of body. As a compliment to that – or to enjoy on its own – we have the Ethiopia Fair Trade Organic Oromia Yirgacheffe with a more rounded character. This is not one of the bright, citrusy Yirgs, but rather has some sweetness, some spice, and a syrupy body. This morning, after trying a cup of the Yirg, I’m tasting the 50/50 blend and the Java adds a nice dimension to the cup, with rustic earth tones complimenting the slight citrus snap of the Yirg. It is funny, but after drinking so many cups of single origin coffee, I plum forgot how great two top notch coffees taste together, especially when roasted seperately to highlight the best characteristics of each: in this case Ethiopia to City+ and Java to Full City.

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Roast Coffee Pairing #30: Staff Favorites

Sorry, I’m so late posting this blog entry, I forgot about it and then went on vacation for a week but, I’m back with two posts today!

We selected two of our favorite coffees for this week’s roast coffee pairing: Sumatra Blue Batak Tarbarita Peaberry and Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza. Actually, the Blue Batak would qualify as a customer favorite as well, and I must say I agree! This lot has a wonderful light body (for a Sumatra coffee) along with that traditional spicy, slightly foresty, profile prevelant among most Indonesian coffees. Roasted to the light side of Full City to highlight the honey-like sweetness. Rwanda Gkongoro Nyarusiza is another favorite around these parts, I personally like the balance and restrained acidity in this cup. It is a perfect counterpoint to other over-the-top East African coffees, very graceful and mellow with just the right hint of floral sweetness and orange zest. Roasted to Full City as well. Both of these were roasted for 15 minutes, to a final temperature of around 430 degrees. Hope you enjoy these two as much as we do!

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