Daily Archive for January 13th, 2010

Roasted Coffee Pairing #27: Microlot Comparison

This week we have two microlot coffees – one from our friends in Costa Rica, Helsar Villa Sarchi Solis – and the other from Honduras, an organic coffee produced by the COCOSAM cooperative. The Costa Rican coffee is milled by Beneficio Helsar, and farmed by Roger Solis. It is a 100% Villa Sarchi varietal and has mild coffee with great balance and peachy tea notes as it cools. The Honduran coffee is from a farmer named Michelle Corrales Guevara and comes from a record high altitude of 1600 meters. The dry fragrance from the grounds is very caramelly, with hints of pralined nut and toffee as well. In the cup, the lighter roast levels also have a distinct honey-drenched sweet flavor, a lemony-bright snap, and a little bit of jasmine tea flavor. It’s very pleasant, lively and clean! Hope you enjoy these two coffees produced by two farmers who share a pride of craft in producing great coffees. City+

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