Daily Archive for December 21st, 2009

Roast Coffee Pairing #26: African Coffee for the Holidays

With this pairing we are matching up the Ethiopia Moplaco with one of our special Kenya lots, the Tambaya. The Ethiopia Moplaco is a remarkable aromatic coffee with complex estery high notes. The cup has a soft, full mouthfeel, and ample sweetness. It’s a surprisingly silky body for a Yirga Cheffe, which can sometimes be a little thin. Apricot and peach notes emerge, sweet stone fruits, along with the honey and floral notes found in the aromatics. The Kenya Tambaya is outstandingly bright, yet balanced. There are pink grapefruit citrus notes, jasmine tea floral flavors, and a light brown sugar sweetness. As it cools, toasted almond essence comes out, peach and apricot stone fruits, Earl Grey tea in the finish. While it has a bracing finish, it is milder overall in acidity than some of our other lots, and complex in it’s estery floral and fruit characteristics as well. Roasted to City+:  Final temperature of 422 degrees, and roast times around 15 minutes.

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