Daily Archive for October 28th, 2009

Roast Coffee Pairing #23: Honey Coffees

Honey or “Miel” refers to pulp natural coffees which tend to have more body and less acidity than their wet process equivalents, and can have a cleaner, more uniform quality than full natural dry-process coffees. First we roasted Costa Rica Tarrazu – Montes de Oro to Full City with final thermoprobe temperatures of 433 degrees and roast time of 15:30. Next we roasted Costa Rica “Café Sin Limites” to a City+ level with final thermoprobe temperature of 428 degrees and roast time of 15 minutes. Both of these coffees excel at a wide range of roast levels but I tried to keep them as close as possible for comparison’s sake. In the cup the Montes de Oro has a wonderful buttery sweetness compared with a more complicated brightness in the “Café Sin Limites”. In this instance I think the Oro is a milder version of “Miel” than the Sin Limites, both reveal the effects of this processing technique and how certain flavors can be intensified.

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